I have been photographing lots of girls and women's ware story last few years. But this month is different! I have been shooting lots of boys last few weeks and realized that I will be shooting about 40 boys in total just this month and have shot 20 of them already. It has been a lot of fun working with these guys and Haruks discovered some new experiences too! Yesterday I had a lovely meeting with Holly and Esther @ MANDP MODELS to say hi and see who is around in town! I had some  great great suggestions wich I'd like to share with you! 




all boys from MANDP
all pictures from MANDP website

these are what photographers get.
about 50 model cards and 50 suggestions! 

Thank you MANDP team! was great to see you guys!

After I saw mandp team, went to book the casting studio, got my hair done, few awesome meetings and greetings, a bit of library (literally 5min but i loved it!), saw my great friend sylwia and had a good pint (YESSSSSSSS!).